A Schnoodle is a Poodle hybrid that is a cross-breed of a Poodle and a Schnauzer.

Schnoodles have become more popular as individuals are looking for companion animals that are hypoallergenic, and train easily. It should also be noted that schnoodles are as likely to be hypoallergenic as not, since the combination of two separate breeds will always have an unpredictable outcome.

A puppy can take on the coat characteristics of either breed, such as developing the rough and coarse/wiry hair of the Schnauzer, the softer hair of the Poodle, or any intermediary coat. Some schnoodles develop coarser Schnauzer-like hair on certain parts of the body (most notably the back) with other softer Poodle-like areas. Schnoodle colors include black, white, brown, grey and apricot. Multi-colored dogs can include "phantom," which takes on the coloring of a doberman, black & white, sable or parti.

Size: The size of a Schnoodle can vary according to the size of the parents. 11 - 16 pounds is typically the size implied when an owner speaks of a "schnoodle". For a smaller dog, a Toy Poodle can be mixed with the Miniature Schnauzer (resulting in a "toy schnoodle").