The Cavoodle (also called a Cavapoo), is a type of dog that is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, most often a Miniature Poodle. Similarly to other poodle hybrids, the interest in this type of dog stems from the desire to create a non-shedding dog (with a poodle-type coat) that makes a great all-round family pet.

The Cavoodle is known for its friendly nature. The Cavoodle is a highly intelligent, energetic breed that adores human companionship. This little dog is suitable for all age groups and most lifestyles. Cavoodles will be active when you want to be (although they do love a good walk) or they are just as happy to snuggle up on the lounge with you.


Size: Adults will range in height approximately 25cm, the smaller size an influence from the Cavalier contribution.